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Do You Listen to Your Gut?

You know that feeling when your stomach lurches at the thought of having to speak to someone you don’t know or the thought of the unknown. That tingle of excitement (or dread) when you are preparing for a serious talk, a meeting or an interview. You get the rush afterwards, knowing you did great and you nailed it! You don’t know why - you just know! Have you ever woken up in the morning and YOU JUST KNOW it is going to be a good day?

There is a reason why this happens. It’s because, deep down, knowing what works for you is innate. It started when you were born. As babies, we have a natural and strong survival instinct. We found ways to get attention from our carer so that we are fed, changed, cuddled and talked to. As we grow, our actions help develop our communication skills. So by the time we are adults we should know what we want and how to get it, right? Well, erm maybe...

The thing is, it was easy when we were young, our needs were likely immediately met and our distractions and obligations were less. Depending on our experience, we could cry loudly and be heard and (hopefully) given what we needed at that moment.

We were very in touch with our needs back then so what happened later on? Distracted by the noise of everyday life, it is easy to lose recognition of our true needs. Your phone is constantly pinging away all day. Work, family and friends constantly want your attention and it can be hard to switch off when you feel you should be doing something or doing nothing.