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How Meditation Helps You & Where to Start

Many of us have trouble switching off, letting go and finding time for some head-space. Meditation is a sure-fire way to help with all of the above and more!

Most importantly, meditation invites you to make time for yourself. We often need a reason to do something. Meditation helps you to disconnect, gives you a break from ruminating thoughts, allows you to switch off and let go of unhelpful patterns.

I'd been meditating long before I even realised meditation was 'a thing'

My mind is a busy one. Even as a kid I would have thoughts running through my head all the time. Sometimes good. Mostly good. Sometimes not so helpful. Soon though, I started to notice that my mind didn't wander so much when I listened to soft instrumental music. Then when I was busily performing and dancing as a teenager, I tried something to quiet my mind. To give (my mind) a break and give it a rest. A vacation from all the thoughts running through my head.

Practising my Meditation Technique

Back in 1999 I was teaching a group of students about to take their practical drama exam. Many of them were extremely nervous and anxious about the examiner coming to watch. So I decided to use my calming technique so they could feel less stressed. I got them all to lay down on the carpeted classroom floor and instructed them to close their eyes. I put on my calming music (from my stash of HMV instrumentals😜) and began to talk them through a body scan visualisation.

After about 15 minutes, most of them got up with a serene smile on their face. Some had fallen asleep, and others continued to lay still, enjoying feeling calmer and more confident. My technique had quietened their minds from all those anxious thoughts running through their heads. It worked! So I started doing this with my other classes before my students had a performance. To calm their minds and nerves, my technique reminded them that everything was going to be OK.

Fast forward a few years later when a coaching client who was training to become a meditation specialist offered to give me a session. I was so excited. She was brilliant, but I found it very hard to keep still and sit upright. My back was hurting and I kept fidgeting. By the end of the session though, I felt fantastic and incredibly calm.

I thought, “Ooooh, I like this kinda peaceful”

Because my mind is all over the gaff, I have found that I have to prep my brain and my body with a little ritual to set me up nicely for my meditation sessions. It's a helpful and vital step to get the most out of the practice. So, I want to share with you - How I do Meditation. Feel free to use this as a guide in the best way that works for you. I would love to know how it helps you switch off and feel calm. Ready, my Lovely, Let’s begin...

How I Do Meditation - A Step by Step Guide

Step 1- Getting Ready

Setting up is a key part of the meditation process. Setting up signals to our minds that we are about to transition into something else. If you struggle to stop working, down tools or switch off, this is perfect for you to make that shift. I tend to meditate in comfortable clothes when I’m at home and before I put on my makeup in the morning. It’s a way of centering myself before I start my day. It might be different for everyone but, putting makeup on signals my day has begun. I need to ‘Do Me’ before my day begins. I either have my Meditation Tool Kit at the ready in a little container or, sometimes I gath