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A roadmap of thoughtful ways to beat the winter blues

Get centred - Encourage your mind to slow down. Allow it to take a pause by lying still, mediating or even listening to calming music. Join our mailing list for free meditations here!

Keep a journal of what gets you down. See if there is a pattern or particular trigger. Then consider what to do to alleviate things. Just noting them down will help to create awareness.

Try 2 new mood boosting activities - The endorphins and excitement of trying new things is a good booster. Go easy on the skinny dipping….might want to check the weather before that one.

Physical intimacy is right up there. Especially with these cold winter nights. Snuggling up with yourself or someone else to bring an extra little smile to your face 😜 if you know what I’m talking about, will definitely do the trick.

Top up on those supplements - Vitamin D for lack of daylight and some of those B vitamins too. Nutrients and minerals play a huge role in how we feel. They not only boost your immunity but don’t underestimate how the lack of certain ones can really affect your mood. I swear by zinc & magnesium.

Cut back on sugar. It is inflammatory and inflammation is the foundation of many diseases and conditions. It affects our mood and spikes our blood sugar level.

What ever you try this winter try it wholeheartedly. Try it without second guessing. Try in knowing you are doing the best you can for yourself. Try it unapologetically knowing that Selfcare is your Superpower!

For more reasons why you might lack energy click here to check out the blog.

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