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YES!!! TIDYING UP CAN HELP you de-stress

#wellbeing #mentalhealth #slowdown #timeout #declutter

Come on hands up! Who likes a tidy home?? Meeee!!!! Yep I knew it. All of us!!!

It's funny how just a single set of nicely placed cushions can create that hygge cosy home feeling. We seem to like the sense of calm and order and softness. It's why we loved 60 Minute Makeover back in the day and a good declutter. A tidy space puts our mind at ease and organising a space reduces stress as it releases endorphins - the happy hormones.

A Professor from California University says it gives us a sense of control over our surroundings and many of us feel less mental strain when things are tidy, especially those of us who are detail orientated. Does it mean we are spotless? Definitely not. But it is an opportunity to be mindful. I used to do it when the kids were young. With each child I would recite positive affirmations over their life while folding each child's clothes. It was my way to be efficient with my time and also, I believe in the idea that things have energy. Ok, so before I start nerd-ing out, back to business!