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THIS HAPPENED...During Lockdown While We Were Tucked Away in Our Homes

The Independent newspaper shared research saying, according to "fashion brand Snag, 34% of people say their body confidence has taken a hit during lockdown. This rises to 40% for under-25s. No7 (Boots own makeup brand) found that more than 55% of women believe their skin has aged by up to five years over the course of the pandemic."

Feeling like your body confidence has taken a hit during lockdown? You are not alone.

Something happened during lockdown when we were all tucked away safely in our homes—a silent destroyer of self-esteem. We slipped out of our exercise routines; self pampering decreased; self-neglect began to take hold. By lockdown three...the novelty of lockdown had worn away. We stopped bothering, gave ourselves a break and just stopped.

Many of us are now left with new versions of ourselves where our body confidence has taken a knock. Looking at ourselves in the mirror, we see parts of our bodies we hadn't noticed before. Wider waists than we would prefer, bigger boobs that won’t fit into that cute top, and we've developed some unhealthy habits that helped us get through the past 18 months.