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6 REASONS WHY THE LACK OF ENERGY is not your fault

Lack of energy, motivation and general get up and go is hitting everyone right now. Are you fed up with the pandemic and sick of making do with what's on offer? Yeah! We crave variety. We want change! According to the Life Coach Tony Robbins, one of our basic needs as a human being is the desire for variation. It's built in. We need both predictability and variety to be happy. So it’s no wonder our energy has left the building and we’re feeling lost. It’s not our fault we are feeling lackluster and can’t be bothered at the moment and here are some reasons why.

  1. Inactivity - One reason you might be feeling fatigued or drained is because you're not doing very much physical activity, which is weird because it's like a vicious cycle. You don't have any energy to do anything physical and then you don't want to do anything physical cause you don't have any energy! That's the challenging part. The thing is...the human body needs to move, it’s designed to. It's like a car battery and gets topped up on the move. So get a 30 minute HIT workout going one afternoon.

  2. Is a foodie one. The challenge with being at home is we don't have a structure in place. It's very easy for us to skip lunch, not eat properly, and end up going for the wrong types of food. “It’s easily done” she thinks, looking at the extra large multi pack of crisps in the cupboard. “Who’s idea was it to get the 28pk?!” The kind of food we should be going for needs to be protein rich (I learned this from my PT). Her advice is I should eat protein with almost every meal. Including breakfast. Eek! So tuna fish it is then!

  3. Supplements - you may need to top up on your vitamins. Vitamin B12 (you can get in liquid form) is about the blood iron levels. When we're low on iron, it can lead to anaemia - so keep an eye on it! Magnesium is another to keep a check on. My PT told me about this and encouraged me to take it. If you're not a supplement fan, y