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SO CHRISTMAS IS COMING...Looking back at the Summer of 2020

More and more it feels like Home Sweet Home will once again become a place of work, rest and play. I wonder if this year we will have a very different Christmas. A Christmas where people are trying to compensate for the lack of familying or relish the fact that you don't have to put on a big massive ceremony and just embrace the simplicity of the holidays. Perhaps with no big presents, or fancy dishes that take hours to cook, but maybe enjoying the gift of time. I like playing games or cards or watching Christmas movies or catching up on a box set curled up on a cosy corner of the sofa with a cup of something warm.

Nah I say go big or go home - Indulge yourself. Put all that effort into yourself, why not have that flashy festive feast and make those cocktails and have nibbles galore!?! Fully embrace the fact that you deserve the best kind of Christmas that cocooning can bring, because you're worth it.

Let’s Cocoon!

Cocooning is another word for Lockdown. A tool I use when working with clients is reframing. Often it's the story we attach to things that creates our perception. And it is through that perspective that we view the situation. Let’s take the word Lockdown, it sounds so harsh and imprisoning. It has an oppressive energy to it and many want to rebel against it. I much prefer the term Cocooning - a term used by Faith Popcorn in the 1980’s. It’s protective and self orchestrated, a form of shielding through choice, rather than demand.

‘At home life’ has seen a massive shift in how we selfcare. Many have become less active, with more emphasis on relaxation and switching off. As a result, items seen as occasional purchases, have become popular. Loungewear has become trendy ‘Sloungewear’ (sleep + loungewear) as people try to add calm and cosy to their homes with candles, scents, fresh quality linen and diffusers as the new comforts. They say this will continue way after Cocooning is over, as we continue to make our homes a place of tranquillity.

You know me! I love a list!! Here’s my look-back over the last few months of this year.

What we did:

  • This summer saw a rise in staycations as people were excited for a change in environment.

  • We saw super acts of kindness, it's been yoga sessions and online courses, cookery exploration and crafting galore.

  • Working from home

  • Socially distanced meetups

  • Going out for a meal that requires plenty of planning and is like a real special treat.

  • Food banks feeding the nation

  • Music, dance and drama experienced virtually.

  • What about the daily routine enjoying the freedom of popping to the bank in your lunch break

  • Putting the washing machine on as you speak to client no.4

  • Dinner bubbling away during your final Google meet of the day.

  • Thinking back, even anti-social media types, like the elders in our family found themselves plugging into technology in a way they have never done before. Just so we could see each other smile and stay connected.

  • Will there be another rush on toilet rolls? Will we still do the Thursday clap for carers? Will we zoom till the early hours of the morning or will the Amazon deliveries be the highlight of our day?

This summer we created different memories: What I missed...

  • The traditional summer with Glastonbury, and Wireless. I know I missed Notting Hill Carnival, especially the Panorama steel pan competition.

  • Outdoor parties, the backyard gatherings and last minute birthday bashes

  • Glamorous holidays,

  • After work drinks. But we created a new way to enjoy summer. We adapted and made it work.

We didn’t miss...

  • Morning Mayhem of having to be somewhere at a particular time.

  • Commuting. We are well out of practice and realise that being crammed on a stuffy train is less than desirable.

We definitely didn’t miss the mental prep of going back to work only to be told we have to stay at home again. To be honest, I think most people were more comfortable with not going in, even though they may have been looking forward to moving toward a more familiar way.

Last thoughts...

There have been some unexpected positives like community spirit, family time and introverts loving the alone time. For others it has magnified loneliness, missing others, company, closeness and social activity. As the days get darker earlier and the temperature drops outside, we could see more people suffering from lock down blues and struggle with balancing things. But whatever Christmas 2020 is for you - ensure you are making time for You!

Here are some useful ways to approach the season:

1. Get nesting, do a declutter, create some space in your home for energy to flow freely.

2. Download your FREE HLB Nourish and Flourish Guide and subscribe for free meditations.

3. Free SelfCare Health Check - see where you’re at with your selfcare!

Share what has worked for you below. Comment with other ways you have found useful to approach the season.

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