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SO CHRISTMAS IS COMING...Looking back at the Summer of 2020

More and more it feels like Home Sweet Home will once again become a place of work, rest and play. I wonder if this year we will have a very different Christmas. A Christmas where people are trying to compensate for the lack of familying or relish the fact that you don't have to put on a big massive ceremony and just embrace the simplicity of the holidays. Perhaps with no big presents, or fancy dishes that take hours to cook, but maybe enjoying the gift of time. I like playing games or cards or watching Christmas movies or catching up on a box set curled up on a cosy corner of the sofa with a cup of something warm.

Nah I say go big or go home - Indulge yourself. Put all that effort into yourself, why not have that flashy festive feast and make those cocktails and have nibbles galore!?! Fully embrace the fact that you deserve the best kind of Christmas that cocooning can bring, because you're worth it.