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NEWSFLASH!! I think I’ve discovered a new therapy!!!

Ok, perhaps not a new therapy, a badass one and who doesn’t love a good photo? Nothing beats a professional photography session. A professional photographer is able to explore your essence within you and capture your beautiful moments. A true professional can capture something you can't catch in a selfie. Instead of you fiddling about with the camera, you just let go and be the focus. I’m talking about a special time carved out for you with the only purpose of you being you. It is empowering and liberating and Davinia Kay Photography does that in her “ All Of Me” photoshoot. This 1 hour photo session shows you how to fall in love with yourself again, reminding you of your natural beauty, leaving you feeling confident and happy. Your printed photo serves as a beautiful memory but also gives you the ability to relive the experience and remember how badass you are.

Here’s what happened...

On arrival, Davina greeted me with a smile and showed me to her super-cute studio. There is a little dressing area to pop your bits down, hang your clothes up and space where you are able to fix your hair. It’s lovely and welcoming. Her studio is lit with plenty of natural sunlight and a neutral feature wall which creates a calm backdrop to the session. We started with some test shots where Davina checks the light and we play around with a few angles. To give you that extra boost and make you feel comfortable, you can send your playlist through beforehand and your chosen tracks are played through a speaker as the shoot gets going - how super-cool is that? Music and space to dance is the perfect combo for me. If you know me - music means dancing!! It's supposed to be background music, not for me...I asked her to turn it up!! Davina is such a cool chick she was happy to go with my whim.

Shimmy and Sashay!

That’s when I started to embrace my inner Naomi. By track number three I was well in the zone. I began feeling the vibes and rocking out as my best self, overcoming my nerves and self-consciousness. You almost forget she’s there, until she offers guidance and support with your poses which are actually more difficult than they look. Real models make it look easy, however Davina is able to guide you to get the most flattering angles. It is hard work, I think I even broke out in a bit of a sweat, which was probably due to my dancing, than trying to hold an awkward pose - haha! She gave me a quick peek of some of the shots which gave me a boost and I was like oh my gosh….I look pretty good! Her direction and approach really is amazing which she says it’s a joint effort. I agree, her professional photographic ability to ca