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So we're home. We have time – ish and I'm thinking about, 'Meeee glorious meeee!

Vocals ready....queue the music....and enter backing dancers!

Well, I'm not sure about you, but I had such big plans for a 'Leisurely lockdown' and dreamed, now the kids are older and I am wiser, that I could somehow really make time for moi!

No one told me it would be so hard to find, not the time, but the focus. Stick to the plan. 'Stick to the routine.' I hear myself say, but... the truth is..... I'm bored with the routine! There I said it. I love routines more than most. I plan, I organise, I love notebooks, calendars, journals, diaries and organised spaces, but I'm seeking excitement and that includes my SelfCare.

I miss going to the salon, I miss the treatments, cause for me its the whole experience. The going there, the lunch, (everything is always organised around 'the lunch)' and the whole sense of being looked after, taken care of, pampered, is what it's all about. And looking fabulous of course.

So I decided to come up with my own Sunday tradition. Each Sunday I will embark on an indulgent SelfCare session.

SelfCare Sunday here I come!

Something to look forward to and take some time over. And so 'The Skincare Ritual' was born! Anything pamper friendly, is a friend of mine and it's amazing how much our body loves it when we pay it a little bit of positive attention. Our face is a part of us that the world looks at most. How time do we really spending enjoying it. How often do we tell our body, skin, hair, how much we love it, how gorgeous it looks and how lovely it feels? Compared to how much we quietly say what we don't like, what we hate, what looks horrible. Words and thoughts are powerful. There is no way we can feel great about our whole selves, if we whisper insults about parts of us to ourselves. So part of my ritual is to use positive affirmations with each stage. I repeat these words through out each of steps and allow my skin to absorb the goodness into the layers and show my appreciation for it as I:

Cleanse - Say Beautiful skin

Lips- Say Smooth and plump

Nose -Say Clear and pure

Facemask - Say Nourish and glow

Face cream - Say Soft and radiant

Could have been said in a few words....Lovin' the skin you're in.

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