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When you are not at your very best and not have what you need to achieve your dreams or do what you love. You need to level up! When you prioritise, you teach the world how to treat you and remind them you are a purpose-driven women who knows her worth. Selfcare builds self worth. Click below for ten ways to level up your SUPERPOWERS!

  1. Make time to exercise. In the last few weeks ageing has been a hot topic in the wellness world. I've been hearing more and more about movement as therapy and that strength is really important as we get older. Depending on whether you are Active, Sensory or an Inner Energy SelfCarer you will interpret exercise differently. Some wanna sweat, others wanna stretch.

  2. Alone time. It allows you space to reflect but it doesn’t have to be inactive. Alone time can be proactive. It could be organising, creative writing, magazine flicking or even noisy baths with your favourite song. I have been known to do a silent disco and jammin to the same song 5 times in my empty house alone time. We choose.

  3. Always reward yourself. Reward yourself on the way to your goal. Do the things that you actually want, not food or drink, not consumables. (unless part of a social experience). Things more tangible work well, as they stick with us for longer.

  4. Queen your schedule. Selfcare at the top of this list- of course! Or at least have it placed into the calendar as part of the scheduling process. It is not an afterthought but it is considered just as important as every other meeting or appointment in the calendar.

  5. Eat well. It's the 80/20 rule. Simple as.

  6. Understand how to use your No! Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t be shy of it. Own it. Use it. Say it and mean it!

  7. Level Up where you can. Giving yourself little mini upgrades is a sure way to make you feel special. Loved and looked after. So where you can don’t even think twice about giving ‘you’ a little lux.

  8. Let negativity go! It’s funny how we forget the good things so quickly and cling on to the negative things, like we keep playing that awkward convo in the lift. Move on and don’t linger in things that make you feel crap. Head up and eyes forward. Yeah I know it ain’t easy, but we are what we think.

  9. Spend time in gratitude. Appreciate the small simple things a lot and be super duper grateful for the big things and be really thankful for everything in between. And then some for luck.

  10. Don’t ever take things personally. Again easier said than done, however, in the book ‘The 4 Agreements,’ The second agreement is Don’t take anything personally. “Nothing other people do is because of you! Taking things personally makes you easy prey. You eat all their emotional garbage, and now it becomes your garbage.” Don Miguel Ruiz 1997

So which of the list will you try today? Or next week? Let us know in the comments below. How you get on and what you think of the article? If you like it do share with your friends?

Living well is to be less stressed. To find out how your domestics, could be

helping you and for ways be Actively Calm click below.

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