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Dial Up The SelfCare

Just before we went into lock down I decided to up the dial on my SelfCare practice, to really go in. Take it to the next level. I say recently but, actually I’ve been trying super hard for about 8 years to Do Me! Like I did in my 20's when 'Gyal Flex' was a dancehall track played on my sliver cassette player /recorder, not a new super fast online fashion brand or well-meaning vocal encouragement from a fabulous bodied gym associate.

My mission, like I suggest to clients was to make me 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the list, during lockdown! Sometimes is cool, we can all do sometimes. Being top of the list for a season or a particular goal. But consistently every day? Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!

So here goes it....wait for it...the real groundbreaking SelfCare stuff...adding candles to bath time, whoooo! Doing a cheeky facial massage while applying face cream, yayeeee! Forgive me. I mock no more. Jokes aside, even the simple little things, or the real indulgence kind of stuff like going to the beauty salon for toenail painting only! Are not always the easiest to squeeze in to your day, I know, I’ve been there.

These are things I do, but do they count as SelfCare? What I have learned over the last 8 years is that SelfCare is in 2 parts. Inner and outer, the outer stuff is where we do things to ourselves, like the list above. The inner is the things we do for ourselves. A SelfCare Practice is just that! It’s an on going way to look after you, holistically. We can all do occasional pampering but are we 'Seriously Selfcaring'. If so What does that looks like? What it’s means and who's doing it really well? I am on a mission to discover just that. Roll on the research……

There's been a lot of banter aka discussion about SelfCare as this new faddy thing, very fashionable, but actually, those who are rocking in wellness, have been doing it for decades. I find it irritating when it's brushed off as this whimsical trend that is overrated, unnecessary and somehow selfish!

Seriously SelfCaring is about prioritising my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness. Living my values each day and creating an environment that energises me. It sounds straightforward on paper, but even just finding an hour to yourself some days can be a challenge. To begin with when each choice you make, has to go through the SelfCare filter and you are not used to living that way, wow it can feel really intense.

The good news is it gets easier especially if you have support. Everything in life is easier with support. Many days you may not quite manage it brilliantly, but its about a practice. And for me Seriously SelfCaring is not about mastering a set of rituals, but more about acceptance of who we are and what works for you, so we can all live really reallly well.

Could have been said in a few words....You are the time, you make for you!

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