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Here to help you 


As women, we get lost in our jobs, in our families, in our relationships and

sometimes lose a part of who we are along the way.

Happy Looks Beautiful SelfCare programmes are unique and tailored to you.

As your Selfcare Consultant, I’ll guide and support you to access your distinct SelfCare style.

I have developed my SelfCare Creative Style Technique which helps you to:

Instantly look after yourself

Feel happier and better about your outlook 

Build confidence

Complete your goals and be more productive

Create time

Live a life you want and choose

Invest in yourself

Give a sense of support and community through our HLB network and inspirational links

Happy Looks Beautiful is your source of SelfCare inspiration

to access all the tools you need to successfully take care of you.

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is your


SelfCare is your Superpower!

I have put together a buffet of SelfCare Inspiration, build your menu and dine on what's right for you. If you're starving you can fill your plate and book a call for the 1-2-1 sessions package, be inspired by our blog content, listen to HLB podcasts and join a workshop course. Just peckish?

Take a nibble; use the HLB top tips and listen to a podcast. 

You personalise what's right for you. 

Making it easier for busy women to take care of themselves & improve their wellbeing, so they can achieve better balance.





Top tips and tricks on how you can embrace those superpowers and take better care of you.

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We’ll have a chat and see how you can level up your SelfCare and reap the benefits!


Hey girl,

it's not a new thing....

SelfCare has been around for hundreds of years, it’s not a new thing. It’s a fact, anyone who is thriving in any area of their life, is doing Selfcare. It is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It exists within all of us. Those who practise SelfCare are using their superpowers and genuinely living their best lives - realising their full potential. 

Aneequa, Vintage lover

Hello My lovely

I'm a SelfCare Consultant who helps women get their wellbeing and SelfCare where they want it to be so they can live with more inner peace and mental calm. 


For many years, way before hlb I worked as a Wellness Lead and tutor and as a certified Life Coach to women wanting a kick start life in a new direction. 

I identify skills within you and tailor tools unique for you. So you can comfortably improve your life and get more out of everyday living.


Offers just for you 

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At the end of your 7 day journey you will be revitalised, reinvigorated and re-energised.

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Let’s deep dive. Exploring your mental, emotional 

and practical SelfCare

"I remembered that I am important."

Aly, Entrepreneur

It was like WOW!.


"I felt more positive all


Kanan, Yoga teacher

Coaching was great at helping to identify

goals and passions.

Dee, Photographer

Aneequa, Vintage lover


Become part of the hlb family 

 Join the fun loving souls already receiving top-up tricks, teachings and encouragement. 

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