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Thelma, Writer

The course was so interesting, each day made me want more. I found the tasks very enjoyable and gets me thinking. It's increased my belief in what I am capable of doing. 

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Aneequa, Vintage car lover 

I remembered that I am important and if I don’t take care of me, who's going to take care of all the people that I love. The course for me, it made me feel extremely motivated and excited to push for what I want. I am very grateful to have learned these amazing skills and look forward to a new era of ME!


Dee, Photographer 

I felt more positive all round and gained, a better understanding of me and what I am capable of. The course highlighted (amplified 😊) the amazing parts of me.


Carol, Print Designer

You are genius at getting deep into those subconscious thoughts and extracting the blocks. I feel more in control of my life after your coaching. Really helped me focus on what’s important.


Kanan, Declutter Expert

You have an amazing way to overcome fears /uncomfortable situations through coaching. You’re great at helping to identify your goals/passions. Making you think of ways to realistically achieve them.

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Tamar, Interior Designer 

If you are looking to change a situation talk to Sophia, because she’ll be able to help you set realistic goals. She helped me set challenges and goals that I would never have imagined. Really listens in detail. Supported me through my decision making process.

How We Do

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Vanessa H, Drummer  

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, guidance, generosity and kindness while coaching me. You have made a profound impact. With gratitude xx.'


Aly, Entrepreneur 

It was like wow! Literally. Just to have that time during the course with yourself, felt good. I enjoyed it. It was fun and empowering. A boost, I realised what I should be doing. It was relaxing and a very positive experience for me. 


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