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So nice to greet you

Maybe we've crossed paths or you've heard about me from someone, either way, I'm glad you're here, welcome to the world of Sophia. 


Want to know more about me?

I'm a SelfCare Consultant. My style is a mixture of clinical practices like CBT and NLP, life coaching, as well as Creative Style Techniques. A Body language Specialist, Drama facilitator and Authenticity and Declutter Guide.

I believe that women deserve to be first, second and third on the list. Because the list is always long. When we are topped up, everyone wins. Often our friends and employers get the best of us, our businesses thrive and our families flourish. 


I know that women taking care of themselves is necessary to their happiness and wellbeing and to the wellness of those they take care of. My mission is to help women access their SelfCare Superpowers using a buffet of accessible skills to feel confident and authentically beautiful, both inside and out.

If you are wondering how I became a Life Coach and want to know more about me, keeps a scrolling!

I love rum cake midweek, laughing, 

& a celebration shimmy at every opportunity. 




Top tips and tricks on how you can embrace those superpowers and take better care of you.

Food Photography



We’ll have a chat and see how you can level up your SelfCare and reap the benefits!

Who am I and how did I get here?

Sophia (1) - Copy.jpg

A London Girl

Wife and Mother of 4


Laughs loud


Smiles often


Dances way more than is legally allowed

Loves The Creative Arts 

Passionate about wellness, evolving, learning and womanhood

Enjoys stage show Production Management 

Has been know to work as a choreographer ;)

Still knows how to work it on the catwalk.


I have 20 years of experience as an Educator, Lecturer, Coach and Wellness Mentor in schools, colleges and universities across the UK. In 2007 gave up the London life and moved to the Shires. With more time on my hands, I discovered my love for personal development and trained as a Life Coach. One thing that every client needed, was support with their SelfCare. I loved seeing women glow taking really really good care of themselves and Happy Looks Beautiful was born!

Your SelfCare Consultant

​A SelfCare Consultant is able to identify skills within you and tailor tools unique to you, so you can comfortably improve your life and get more out of everyday living.  I have developed ‘The SelfCare Creative Style Technique’, my approach identifies your SelfCare encouragers and turns them into Superpowers. Yes, Gorgeous, when you know how, there are so many guaranteed ways to do this.

Love and smiles 

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”


– Maya Angelou~

Image by Autumn Goodman

Your wellbeing matters to me. Join us.

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