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Hi there

Maybe we've crossed paths or you've heard about me from someone, either way, I'm glad you're here, welcome to the world of Sophia. 

Who am I and how did I get there? 

I'm a Trainer & Coach and my style is a mixture of vibrant delivery and clinical practices like CBT and Creative Style Techniques. As a Drama Specialist, Neurodiversity trainer and Women Wellness coach my journey started when I became a teacher, to nurture potential and empower learners.

I have 20 years of experience as an Educator, Lecturer, Coach and Wellness Mentor in schools, colleges and universities across the UK. In 2007 gave up the London life and moved to the Shires. With more time on my hands, I discovered my love for personal development and trained as a Life Coach. One thing that every client needed, was support with their SelfCare. I loved seeing women glow taking really really good care of themselves and Happy Looks Beautiful (HLB) was born!


Now HLB trains in Communication, Neurodiversity & Womens' Wellness. As a voice in the Neurodiversity space creating conversations and empowering people, their families and employers. Helping to disrupt old patterns and thrive in every day things. Share what has the greatest impact with practical support in place for neurodivergent young people and to empower the to celebrate the wins and disrupt the outdated narrative around neurodiversity.

More about me!

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A London Girl

Mother of 4


Laughs loud


Dances way more than is legally allowed

Loves The Creative Arts 

Passionate about learning, neurodiversity, wellness and womanhood

Enjoys stage shows productions

Has been known to eat Jamacian rum cake

Still knows how to work a catwalk.


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