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WE SURVIVED THE SUMMER, are you ready for PHASE II of the New Normal?

They told us it could happen, but when it did, we didn’t expect this. Will it, won't it? Who knows. Some say another lockdown is not far off and a New Normal is here for a long time to come. If you are wondering how to navigate this new normal, you've tried a few things in the first lockdown and want to be more proactive this time round, I know exactly what you mean, we’re like 2 peas in a pod. We've all been united in our covid-19 experience and it’s also been different for everyone. So let’s look at how to gently cope with Phase II:

  • The Work/Life Balance Misconception

  • Burnout Redflags to look out for

  • Discover Your Creativity

  • 3 Simple Ways to Set Boundaries when Working From Home.

The Work/Life Balance Misconception

I am not sure I am totally sold on the idea of work/life balance, in that work is a part of life and it is very rarely balanced. Strive for HARMONY that’s what I say.The blend of home life and work life can become a little hazy. We often spend more time interacting with colleagues than we do our own fri