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Surviving The Home Life

Now I love my family I really do but, 24/7? Come on....Some of the best marriages spend 80% of the time apart. The washing machine is on its 4th cycle and the de-cuttering that’s been waiting 3 weeks had finally come to an end, today’s the day!...Happy Mother’s day to me!!

It’s strange to think we could soon be on lock down, inside day after day, after day. I’ve got what seems like enough pasta, but flip in to a moment of panic about toilet roll never returning back on our shelves.

I'm cool with chilling at home, but I do worry about those people whose home is not their safe place. What about those stuck in a small space and after 3 days, it feels like cabin fever. Those who don’t have the means to entertain themselves and the boredom start to turn quiet easy going folks into a frazzle.

The pressure of being constantly in the kitchen trying to prepare meals to feed hungry children, while trying to work from home on tasks that need your full concentration, do the domestics, keeping the teenagers on task for exams they’re not going to take, home schooling the little ones who just wants to play computer games, bigger ones using the whole house as a music recording studio and to top things off, all happening in the lovely modern open plan setting, where no one can escape!!

Now... how about the year 11’s? They have a whole extra set of feelings to deal with. Let’s not under estimate how this going to affect our young people, their journey was cut short as they never got to graduate or have prom. We as human beings need closure. It’s important to support them through it, as they prepare to take their next steps.

But what’s lovely is the local community coming together to support one another. And bless him our neighbour, must be in his late 20’s offered to do shopping of us ‘if you older people’ he said ‘..get isolated’ I’m sure he meant well, I’m only in my 40’s, cheeky minx.

The mental and emotional impact in the coming months is going to be huge. So here are my 5 Top Tips for getting through it healthfully...

  1. Take care of you!! Good food, pampering, (dance is mine)...whatever it takes.

  2. Plan your week/day. It helps to have a routine.

  3. Have things to look forward to on specific days.

  4. Take a break from devises to gather your thoughts.

  5. Do things you need to do like sort out ever mounting admin or de-clutter that cupboard or try new things, something you’ve always wanted to do like, learn a language, do a course or just do nothing!

glow fully...

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