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SUPER HABITS for SelfCare Super Powers

SelfCare has changed enormously over the decades

What about the generation before us? How did they do it? Did it even exist? I wanted to see if SelfCare was any different to how we do it now. Did they have more time for it? Was it essential? How did they fit it in and make time for it? What did SelfCare look like then? What can we learn?

I had a curious conversation with some remarkable Caribbean women from the Baby Boomer Generation. In this taster Podcast we chatted, laughed and reminisced about what SelfCare looked like for them. It was very much about hair, beauty and fashion - life was all about the kids and the family, there was little time for much else! Here are some of their gems from the full episode where these 5 lovely ladies shared the best ways to look after yourself as we get older.


Thelma - A semi-retired School Counsellor, born in Jamaica -

”It was all about supporting the family. Combined with some of the things you do. If I am not healthy then I can't look after anyone else. Look after yourself so that you are healthy enough to give support and help other people.”