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SHARE THE MIC - Women Of Influence - (Black) History

Imagine being in an energy space with all of these extraordinary women!!! All the women involved were on a zoom call together to share and collaborate is history in the making. (You know when, you want to be a fly on the wall!!!) Women of Influence indeed!

I’ve got to tell you! I was super excited for #SharetheMicUK. It started in America during the BLM movement and takes women with the most leverage in society, opening their platform on instagram to help amplify the voices of black women here, as part of BHM (Back History Month.) There were loads and I wanted to see them all!!!! There were too many to choose from, alas I have selected a few of my favourites for you. These women share their take on body confidence, black hair politics, diversity, fashion and journalism. The complete line up can be found here @sharethemicuk