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Meditation Madness vs Self Gifting

Oh my goodness, I loved today's meditation. I couldn't keep still when the guided meditation guy was talking; I just had so many things running through my mind. I'll defo have to redo that one.

"Luxury, beyond those things needed for everyday living. Not materialism - small luxuries like oil in the bath. Or the jam that you like and your favourite cuppa. Do you feel worthy? Luxury is a natural state and our actual birthright. Our essence is pure gold created by love from the universe. In every moment I am cherished." Don't you love that? ‘Our essence is pure gold. GOLD! Yes yes! Eyezz be gold babeee....’(American accent required for that last bit!). I've always loved pretending to be characters, even as a kid, putting on voices and oops slight digression.

As I was saying, I strongly believe it's the small luxuries and everyday choices that make us feel worthy, more than the occasional big gestures, although I love love love those as well. When I remember back to that day about 7 years ago, I bought my self flowers. That feeling when they arrived at the door and the neighbour happen to see me taking them in. Her giving that knowing look of ooohh, lucky you. I felt really special. The children thought I was crazy and couldn't quite understand why mummy would buy herself flowers. Which just reinforced the fact that they had never really seen me treat myself much and who decides what is an acceptable gift to one's self. I say break the rules!! Buy the flowers, take yourself out on a date, buy yourself dinner, serenade yourself, (ok, not sure that the last one is possible but hey, why not give it a go!)

Who puts these rules in place? Us!!! We decide what to gift ourselves. Right?! The best one was a couple of weeks ago when I gifted myself 'A No Questions Day!' Sounds like an official thing, doesn’t it? Like a bank holiday. That's it, I kinda gave myself a day off! There were some confused expressions and the odd eyes to the sky but I stuck to my guns, just to see what would happen. And oh my, this was truly a gift from the heavens above. Best day ever. EVER! It felt like......normal.... like how dads who never get asked questions, must feel a lot of the time if their kids don't ask them too many questions. It was lovely and I plan to cash in another one very soon.

But for now, having jumped out of my peaceful state to jot down these thoughts, its back to meditating, and cue the spa music....hummm......nameste

Could have been said in a few words….Give yourself what you need, even if you do get occasional side-eye!

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