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How not to burnout when working from home during lockdown.

So many of us are juggling the juggle of life. We're to trying to run a business, look after little people, checking in on parents and monitoring teenagers. It's a tall order even when the country is not in crisis.

So how do we look after ourselves in the mist if it all? How do we keep ourselves well, so we can keep going. When you are trying to work a side hustle and still working full time it's tough. To balance family life with the other commitments can all lead to burnout after a while and it's important to avoid this if you can. You don't even have to have all the other stuff going on but just working form home alone can be enough to through us off.

Before we know it our 9am - 5pm has turned in a 8am - 7pm. Not knowing when to stop, just going with the flow and just being frustrated with the intermittent internet connection that has you sitting at the computer for 8 hours only to have done 1.5 hrs worth of work, can be very frustrating indeed. Bring back dial up, that's what's I say!

But there are a few simple ways you can avoid burning out and loosing the plot:

  1. Have a wellness plan. If you are your own boss or an employee having some key things in place as we work at home is essential.

  2. Have a clear work day and build in lunch and tea b