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5 SMART MOVES TO LOOK on the Bright Side.

We can all feel like “woe is me”, when times get tough. That's ok for a bit but then we need to bounce back. It's your responsibility to do this and happiness is your choice - even if it doesn't always feel like it.

So, if the day is getting a bit too much, here are my smart and easy methods to glide through. Float over the bumps and step forth into whatever the world has in store for you. Beautiful things are on the way……

1. Overcome the roadblocks and skip to the finish line.

You can always remember the pitfalls but do you remember how you walked the walk? Did you skip, hop and jump over the hurdles? It’s life, hurdles will always be there. But by what grace do you glide through your journey? If you step with a skip in your step and a shimmy in your shoulder, it will energise you.

Move, dance, jump, hop! Take your head up and chin out and step to the left! The Sophia Shimmy is comin’ at ya! Sounds like a new dance move right? No apologies from me, it is good for you and I can’t help it. After over 20 years in the drama industry I've studied body language A LOT. It is one of the smartest tools to instantly and positively affect your mood.

Did you know that body language affects our state of mind, how we feel and what we do? Say what!?! It's true. Top Coaches like Tony Robbins talk about the power of physicality all the time. Tango anyone?

2. Switching perspective is easy when you know how

YOU CAN change things around - flip the script!

If you say "I can't" you limit yourself - instead say “I can...”

If you say "I should", you will feel guilty - how about...”I could...”

If you say "I have to" you will feel bad when you don't, so say “I choose to….”

So change the script - cut the chatter. YOU CAN change things around.

3. Keep It Real.

Worrying weakens your sense of control over your life. Ask yourself if it's a valid worry. Can you do anything about it or not? Worrying about something that could happen is like thinking about the drink that might spill. Keep it real by putting what you can in place and then let the worry go. So....a decent cup and a stable surface it is!

4. What are your FEEL-GOOD non-negotiables?

I call these Encouragers. We all have them, and we all need them. You must must must honour your Encouragers - they help us stay on top. I advise clients to schedule them in where possible, that way, you know they are taken care of.

5. Document and get it down!

So what IS journaling and WHY bother writing down goals when you can keep them in your head? Well, because it's about the process of release or defining a desire. Release and desire are both forms of putting things outside of yourself. This is essential for letting go of feelings, removing attachment and allowing dreams the space to manifest.


Be your own hero and make your wellbeing a priority - no one else will. I've been with my partner for 26 years, a mother of 4. I can tell you, your wellbeing is going to get challenged. Emotions are crucial, and managing them well will help you through tough times. But be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to recover, then it's time to bounce back.

Break through challenges using any of the tips above to step onto the bright side. Need some help?

Click this link for your FREE 30MIN SELFCARE CHECK UP a relaxed chat with me, where we talk about YOU. You’ll discover your Unique SelfCare Style which provides a roadmap to help you in your wellness journey. Let’s see where the end of the rainbow is…! It really is that simple, book a call.

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