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YOUR SLEEP EQUIPMENT CHECK- Upgrade your rest time!

Mattresses have a lifespan

On average about 7-8 years, it can be shorter if in the lower price bracket and possibly longer for the more expensive ones. Mattresses are designed to support your body and in particular your spine. I take mattresses very seriously. We spend a third of our lives on them and they can get a lot of bish, bash bosh - if you know what I mean - nudge nudge wink wink - so it's worth investing in the best you can afford. 

The Pillow

The forgotten friend. Yes! Pillows are my thing - I have spent many hours choosing a pillow that’s just right and it’s worth it. It depends on how you sleep that determines the best kind of pillow for you. The right pillow can transform your night sleep. If your fluffy friend is looking a bit worse for wear or you are just not feeling you are getting the kind of support you need for your neck and head, then it might be time for an upgrade. 

Sheets Galore

From your fitted, to your valance, to your flat and duvet cover. There’s the extra cushions, the mattress protector, the topper and of course the throw!!! This bed malarkey is no quick fix. No matter whether you let the cleaner get on with it or you take the pleasure (Lol, yes some people do enjoy making a bed beautifully) take the pleasure in spreading it yourself. Can't lie I have read a book that taught you hoe to make a bed like a chamber maid - I loved it! The beautiful bed not the making it part, lol! You want your bed to be breathable and natural sheets are best for this. My favourites are cotton sateen or bamboo with a thread count of least 400. But that’s me. 100% cotton can be a nightmare to iron but again, the best you can afford is the way to go. Invest in your sleep experience…..your body will thank you! 


Need I say more… How comfortable are you in your bed clothes? If you're happy with what you've got or if you go without - Great! If not, look at the material of your nightwear and think about whether the type you wear helps you luxuriously drift off to sleep or makes it worse.

What vitamins and minerals are you getting?

What we put in, can affect how our body functions. If you are not getting all the nutrients you need it may be time to supplement your vitamins. It’s worth talking to a specialist to help figure out where you could be lacking. Zinc is a goody for fatigue.

Wooden Bed

Want some help winding down? Try our audio blogs easy breezy lemon squeezy. Click below to listen.

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