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Affirmation bundle for SUPER -FRIEND - Helping you show your friends and family, how much they mean to you with this lovely gifting pack. Its all the things you think and don't aways remember to say. If you have a friend or familly memeber who would appreciate knowing how loved tehy are, then this is the pack for you.


Each pack contains 8 Affrimations postcard cards in a handy A6 size presentation gift box. All the details for all the other items in the bundle will be send via email or in the bundle delivered. 


Images for illustration purposes only and ideas on how to display them. Cards and affirmations may vary. The image with the cards in the hand, is an example of the SUPER-POWER selflove pack and is not include in the SUPER-FRIEND bundle. 


£29.99 Regular Price
£24.99Sale Price
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