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Supporting organisations improve neurodiversity inclusion creating space for better conversations.


Young Businesswomen


Comprehensive training to improve awareness. To help everyone have a better understanding of how to create a more inclusive workplace. 
- One hour online session 
- Awareness training 
- Training for teams 
- Q & A
- How to support neurodiverse collegues 


Business People Applauding


An in depth training session to deepen understanding of how best to support neurodivrse collegues. Managing and supervising neaurodiverse staff. 
- Half day training session  
- Understanding neurodiversity  
- Training for teams & recuritment teams
- How to support neurodiverse collegues 
- Bespoke  neurodiversity training 





Professional Trainer and educator with over 30 years experience. Facilitating workshops, delivering presentations and tailored sessions. I work with companies and organisations to raise awarness and help create inclusive workspaces. Designing and delivering content you want for employees to help support neurodiverse collegues. 





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Client feedback

CPO Business Director

As an employer who highly values its people, we wanted to ensure we kept an ongoing dialogue going about mental health and how to look after yourself in these turbulent times.  
We took our time looking for someone who could deliver we wanted and decided to work with Sophia of HLB because her warm, relaxed but informative style fit into our culture.


Sophia collated and exquisite video presentation that talked about real life issues, then blended this with practical, easy to follow solutions in an easily digestible way.  

The feedback from our teams was excellent and I would not hesitate to work with or recommend Sophia in the future.

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