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7 Ways to Sleep Well - with a few adjustments you are good to go. 

1. Energy -

Every space carries an energy and your surroundings really matter when it

comes to sleep. It’s important your space feels comfortable to sleep in and a less cluttered room will definitely help. Find ways to make your room peaceful, dim and cool. 

2. Mind -

Do a quick brain dump before you start to unwind as part of your wind-down routine. The more you can remove, the less is bubbling around your mind and the easier it will be to drift off.

3. Eat -

When you eat and what you eat will affect your sleep. This includes foods that are hard to digest and heavy meals. Night caps are not advised or drinks with caffeine if you are sensitive.

4. Slow -

Breathing and meditation are one of the best ways to guide your body into a state of rest and relaxation. It signals to the brain it's time to stop and helps it along the way.

5. Ritual -

This is a good one, but often the most tricky to stick to. Keep your bed child-free, if possible, and pet-free too. Reports suggest that those that don’t (free their beds) experience a more disruptive night and trouble sleeping.

6. Calm -

Reduce your adrenaline. If you suffer from adrenalised fatigue you can benefit from active mindfulness. This is where you don’t multitask, but fully invest in watching a movie or reading a book. Being mindful of a relaxing task is a great way to reduce adrenaline.  

7. Connect -

This can be done in many different ways. Connecting with your food and/or the natural world is a good form of escapism. When we miss-manage energy, it starts to tip into something that makes us feel unwell, fatigued and drained. 

Green and Cream Brushstroke Assistant Pr
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